Lost In The Arctic


Save the Arctic Team before it’s too late!

After a team deployed at the Arctic Outpost stopped making radio contact for unexplainable reasons, you and your team have been given the crucial task of heading to the icy unknown to find the missing crew and bring them back safely.

Navigate through an arctic labyrinth with your team, solving puzzles and breaking codes to get to the Arctic team and save them from sure doom. But be very careful! It seems that something out of this world might be endangering the mission.


  • Game access for three to five players at a time.
  • Hints and clues to help you solve the problem.
  • A game guide to help you get the best experience.

Required From You

  • ! A stable internet connection.
  • ! A video conferencing application (Zoom, Google Meet, etc)
  • ! An up-to-date web-browser (Google Chrome, Safari, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

After your purchase you will receive a link to play the game in your browser. No downloads are required.

You can share your screen using any video tool as the game is played in the browser. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc.

Each code is $49 and is a one-time use. We recommend team sizes of 3 to 6 people for maximum fun & participation.

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