27 Best Online Murder Mystery Games [2023 Rankings]


by Thomas · Updated Jan 18, 2023

Many employers are so focused on their employees’ performance, engagement, motivation, and overall productivity that they tend to forget the importance of having fun and bonding with their team members.

But since you’ve found our article, we’re assuming you already have a team in the office that’s ready to have fun and solve online murder mystery games on the next team-building event.

This article is all about forgetting “normal parties” and focusing on crime scenes, different clues, mysterious disappeаrances, true crime, unusual characters, and hosting the perfect murder mystery party.

And if you find this challenging, we’re here to help with our detective game tricks and murder case games insights.

Without further ado, let’s begin!


What Is a Murder Mystery Game?

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Final Words

What Is a Murder Mystery Game?

A murder mystery game is a party game where one of the players is a murderer, while the rest need to determine who among them is the criminal. Each game’s central plot is a murder and it may appear in a different context - it may be a school murder, a story set back in the 1920s, or the plot may even include sci-fi elements. The options truly are endless.

Put simply, the overall goal of each murder mystery game is to find out the murderer or find out whodunit. A whodunit “is a mystery story that keeps the criminal's identity a secret until the very end”.

Murder mystery games are great for team-building events, holiday parties, or any type of corporate entertainment. And once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we dare say the virtual murder mystery games have increased in popularity.

These games are usually played with groups of around 6 to 20 people. Of course, there could be larger teams, depending on your corporate context, however, they require more detailed organization and proper planning. After all, larger groups mean more characters and that isn’t so simple to pull off, which is why these games are perfect for small to medium-sized groups.

Finally, murder mystery games can be scripted, meaning already written content is released during the game and the players follow a specific narrative. Alternatively, there are much more interactive murder mystery games which provide players with details from the very start, but the characters are allowed to make decisions and solve the mystery on their own as they go along.

Murder Mystery Parties

1) Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz


There's a murderer in our midst, and it's up to the group to find out who's guilty. But for all we know, the killer could be YOU!

This is how the Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz’s website welcomes its prospective players. This is a game that can be played both online and in person. There are clear instructions for both scenarios within the game’s host guide. This Murder Mystery game has to be out top pick.

If you want a murder mystery challenge that's both exciting and thrilling, “Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz” is the game for you and your team. The game follows the storyline of a murder committed in a tech mogul’s home and a group of unique characters on a mission to find out whodunnit. “Blood, Gold, and a Night of Jazz” works well with most video conferencing tools such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, to name a few.

Now, to actually start playing the game (the game costs $49), you need to purchase one access code.

The following resources come with this game as well:

  • a character guide (14 players);
  • a host guide for 4-14 players;
  • a detective guide;
  • audio playback files;
  • evidence files;
  • a ballot guide, an invitation, and a costume guide;
  • and everything else you need to have a good time!

The characters of this game include:

  • Clement Maven; the rich tech mogul
  • Ivano Ambrogino; gangster with a past
  • Gal D. Gerr; the gangsters gal
  • Terry Eagle; the champion golfer
  • Glory Starr; the YouTube star
  • Jiggy Loweman; the date-for-hire
  • River Sax; smooth talking jazz musician
  • Jessie Glass; the gossiping bartender
  • Bobbie Do; the dancing maniac
  • Gio Rocket; the dancing maniac's partner
  • Kegan Langley; the butler with an agenda
  • Marley Diva; the marquee band singer
  • Jane "Pompoms" Smith; the cheerleader
  • Victor Y. Games; the basketball star

The rest is up to you and your team! So, get ready and enjoy a night of mystery and fun.

2) Murder in Margaritaland


You don’t have to be a margarita lover to play this murder mystery game, but it sure helps.

This game is all about crime, chaos, and cocktails in the Caribbean. And, of course, murder.

And while most are trying to enjoy themselves at Margaritaland (an exclusive tropical resort), trying to forget about their troubles, there’s someone there who’s not so lucky. An “event” puts an end to their travels.

But who’s responsible for putting this end?

That’s for you and your team to find out!

Now, onto the main cast members and some of their background information:

  • Coconut Joe, Margaritaland’s owner;
  • Coconut Jane, wife to Coconut Joe;
  • Bindy Barkeep, the bar manager;
  • Jack Daniels, the bartender;
  • Kylie Cocktail, the cocktail waitress;
  • Lifesavin' Sam, the lifeguard.

Keep in mind that the cast is here to give you a general idea of the types of roles available, and not all cast members are included in each version. This applies to all Night of Mystery games we’ve included in this article.

Next, you’ll receive a so-called mystery pdf with a host guide, an introduction, background information, name tags, evidence, award certificates, a detailed solution, accusation sheets, character objective sheets, character backgrounds and descriptions, designed invitations, a schedule of the night, and so on.

Finally, the best thing is that you can play Murder in Margaritaland both in person and virtually.

An extra tip: how about including real margaritas while you and your team play this murder mystery game?

3) Murder at the Juice Joint


The “Murder at the Juice Joint” isn’t just a murder mystery game - it’s a whole interactive murder mystery game show! And it takes its guests back to the roaring 20s! Here’s the setting (or at least bits and pieces of it, as with these murder mystery games one can never be sure):

With murder on the menu, you are certain to find a medley of individuals to make the night most memorable. From major mobsters and their molls to the swanky singer with her hopes at Hollywood. The cigarette girl with a temper that sizzles to the crooked police chief with nothing to lose—no one is safe from murder…but everyone will have a chance at solving it.

You and your team should expect rather unusual cast options. Below, we share some useful character backgrounds:

  • Rosie Marie, the Juice Joint owner;
  • Notorious Nick Nemetz, the North side mob boss;
  • Natalie Nemetz, Nick's sister;
  • Mugsy Malone, the North side henchman;
  • Cy Ramsey, the Juice Joint bouncer and North side gang member;
  • Kitty Cocktail, the Juice Joint cocktail waitress.

You can bet you won’t find any boring characters here!

There’s a murder mystery pdf with this game as well.

Prices start at $48 (it all depends on group sizes, so we recommend visiting the official website to get further information).

Finally, please note that you can play both online and/or in person. So even if you and your team may be more fond of online murder mystery games, this one is so epic that both options are worth trying out.

4) Totally Rad 80s Prom Gone Bad


Get ready for a night of mayhem!

Who gets the prom queen and king title? The class president? The pompon captain? The math team captain? Or maybe someone else? Who is the suspect role to look out for? Or perhaps there are several? Whose innocent life is taken?

You’ll find out, once you and your team manage to solve this murder mystery game.

Also, be ready for the following cast and the available roles:

  • Peter Prez, the senior class president;
  • Sarah Social, the senior class vice-president;
  • Debbie Taunte, the senior class treasurer;
  • Clerical Katie, the senior class secretary;
  • Bobby Backer, the jock;
  • Sally Spirit, the cheerleader.

Expect to receive the same mystery pdf file we discussed in the previous section as well.

Just like the previous game, prices start at $48 (check the official website to learn more based on whether you’re dealing with a small group or a larger team of employees).

As with the previous games, you can choose to play this one either physically or virtually.

5) Trailer Park Tragedy


There’s someone who happens “to send one of the guests over the edge… and another one to their death”. Who’s that someone?

Is it the outdoorsman, known for shooting people by accident? The cat lover, known for defending their felines no matter what it takes? The high school dropout? The maintenance man? Maybe the parolee?

Or there’s another suspect role you should consider?

You’ll find out - only if you and your team are ready to play this amusing murder mystery game.

The cast options for this specific game is as follows:

  • Louella DeVille, the trailer park owner;
  • Dirk Dragster, the motorcyclist;
  • Harley Armstrong, the security guard;
  • Sugar Plum, the resident;
  • Wyatt Barley, the parolee;
  • Ginny Barley, the hairstylist.

By now, you also know you get a murder mystery pdf with background information, award certificates, name tags, and so on.

The price is also $48 (and it increases depending on group sizes - as usual, we suggest looking at the website to get more information). Apart from playing online, you may do so in person as well.

We promise this game provides teams with more than “just having a good time”.

6) Murder at the Deadwood Saloon


Bandits. Bankers. Gamblers. Saloon girls. Some East Coast debutantes.

And a few of the locals.

They’re all guaranteed to make for a fun online murder mystery game experience!

The game provides a wide range of resources (we don’t have to specify that players receive a murder mystery pdf, right?), an interesting plot, and an easy-to-follow format.

Also, here are the cast suggestions along with their brief character background:

  • Harry High-Stakes, the saloon owner;
  • Henrietta High-Stakes, wife to Harry High-Stakes;
  • Gambling Jack, the gambler;
  • Anna Belle, wife to gambling Jack;
  • Mitch Maverick, the traveling businessman;
  • Holly Hickok, the gambler.

“Murder at the Deadwood Saloon” costs $53 for small groups, and the price increases ad the number of guests increases. As the official website suggests - “you would be a fool to miss this celebration”!

7) Zoom Murder Mystery!


Not many expect to come across a virtual murder mystery game on Etsy, but when a game is worth sharing, it doesn’t matter where you purchase it from.

This murder mystery game is for 5-15 players. Each player is assigned a character and they get information about their skills as well as how to approach solving the murder.

The murder mystery game set comes with:

  • a virtual host guide;
  • character packets;
  • an introduction;
  • autopsy;
  • and a confession.

Zoom is the recommended platform for this game, and prices vary depending on the number of players.

The game is unscripted, meaning the players embody the role of detectives to learn things, find clues, ask questions, and try to solve the murder.

You and your team can also pick the murder mystery theme. Options include: 1920s flapper, 1920s gangster, award show, Halloween party, prom, tea party, Salem witch trials, haunted house, tea party, Titanic, and so on.

There’s room for customized orders, so if you feel like there’s something you want, yet you don’t feel comes with these games, make sure to ask for a personalized murder mystery game.

Murder Mystery Games Apps

8) Pocket Mystery - Murder Game


Pocket Mystery is an interesting “3-minute mysteries” game that can be played both on Android and iOS devices. To solve a crime, all you need to do is tap on the right section in the crime scene.

Next, the game contains hundreds of questions, and it’s up to you (and your team) to find the answers.

We love the authenticity this game stands for, and we appreciate that it only takes a few minutes to play it! It’s very easy to follow and understand, yet the game remains complex and curious even for the brightest of minds.

Also, the best part: it’s free! Oh, and if you wish to check out some answers, spoilers, and solutions, head over to this website. It has a very detailed overview of the game app.

9) Desperate Housewives: The Game


If you have a team who’s watched the show Desperate Housewives, they’ll either already know about this murder mystery game or will be up to play it once you let them know it exists.

Either way - it’s a win-win!

The plot is as follows: the desperate housewives are ready to welcome you as a new Wisteria Lane resident. So, it’s time for you to socialize, build friendships, but also unravel some mysteries. More specifically, you need to resolve a murder case.

You’re expected to find clues, discern truth from lies, pay attention to gossip, and of course - expose and explore the dark secrets that lie in Wisteria Lane.

The fun thing is that players get to create their own Wisteria Lane story. You can decorate your house, collect some luxurious items, fully customize your look, adjust your wardrobe, and so on.

Also, you get to experience the dating scene in the suburbia, perhaps even go to a dinner party, search for romance, to name a few. In essence - you get to control everything, from the way you look to the way you behave and interact with others.

The game is free, but you can pay for some in-app purchases (such as a bag of diamonds, pocketful of bucks, wallet of bucks, pile of diamonds, mound of diamonds, and so on). Also, both iOS and Android users can play it.

Finally, if you ever played any of the Sims games, you’ll love this one! And if you add the murder mystery aspect to it, we dare say it tops the Sims games.

10) Detective Max: Murder Mystery


Do you have what it takes to become a real detective?

There’s one way to find out - discover all the clues, detect the right suspect role, explore new locations, resolve puzzles, and, of course, catch the murderer!

This is a fairly new murder mystery game with a unique storytelling style. It has great art and lots of puzzles, too. The game already has millions of fans, so perhaps you and your team will be as well?

When it comes to the game’s storyline, here’s what you need to know: the whole story revolves around a crime which took place in Conor High School shortly before prom. Max Mystery is just a random teenager who loves puzzles, adventures, and mysteries. And while planning his prom, he finds out that his friend Alex was found murdered in the school’s art studio. And now it’s up for Max is unravel the mysteries surrounding this murder.

Max is supposed to examine the crime scene, collect clues, seek hidden objects, solve riddles, and so on. What’s more, he needs to find out the reason behind the crime - is it love, hate, revenge, rivalry, or perhaps money?

Those who appreciate escape rooms and interactive games will also love this one. You can play the game “Detective Max: Murder Mystery” both on Android and iOS platforms.

The game is free although there are some in-app purchases such as energy pancakes, a special detective offer, a fast breakfast, classic English, and so on. Also, no subscription is needed, and there are no energy boots, ads, or registration.

11) WHODunnit


WHODunnit is a virtual paradise for murder mystery game lovers.

It’s a game app that works on both iOS and Android devices that has made the process of hosting virtual murder mystery parties a piece of cake.

All you need to do is pick one (or more, depending on how much you want to play) of the murder mystery themes they offer and follow the instructions they’ve outlined.

To play any game, all participants need to download the game on their devices. Each game has 7 characters, but if you have a larger team you can purchase additional characters.

In terms of actual murder mystery games, here are our favorites:

  • “Murder and All That Jazz”
  • “Read Between the Lines”
  • “Silent Night”
  • and “Copper Creek”.

Please note that the games can be played both in person and virtually.

Murder Mystery Games for Up To 200 Guests

12) Murder in the Red Room

This murder mystery game is a downloadable one. It’s suitable for 8-14 players, although bigger groups are also welcome to play.

Murder in the Red Room revolves around an owner auctioning their contemporary masterpiece. Everyone attending the auction is a key character in the story, because while the auction takes place a tragic death happens.

You and your team can play the game online via your preferred video platform (such as Zoom, Houseparty, Facetime, and so on). You receive all the game files you need in a ZIP folder within an hour after you purchase the game.

The game costs £19.99.

Finally, although most of this game is scripted, there’s still room for improvisation.

13) The Chocolate Bar Mystery

A recently opened chocolate bar has made 10,000 children ill. And now its makers need to get out of trouble. The story is set in 1926 at an emergency meeting for the company’s board of directors.

You can play this murder mystery game on a video conferencing platform of your choice. The game is best for groups of 8-14 people.

As with the previous game, most of it is scripted but you may make things up as you go along.

The game is £19.99.

14) Superheroes

Superheroes is part of the Ghost Ship Murder Mysteries where each mystery is designed for a set number of people so that each participant gets to play a unique part of the mystery.

The plot for this game is as follows: when Golden Guy, the Super Team Leader, is found dead, the rest of the team is looking to avenge him. Prepare to be exposed to evil masterminds, superpowers, and destructive devices throughout this dynamic murder mystery game.

The 12 characters are:

  • The Mind Thief - the anti-hero vigilante;
  • Morgan King - the billionaire;
  • Professor Inferno - The team’s dispatcher;
  • The Red Finch - Golden Guy’s super-speedy former sidekick;
  • The Illusionist - Golden Guy’s reality-warping current sidekick;
  • Peyton Payne - The determined Chosen One The Silent Sentinel — Golden Guy’s long-time rival;
  • The Orphan - isolated newest member of the Super Team;
  • Deputy Mayor Grayson - The City’s ambitious Deputy Mayor;
  • Doctor Dabbler - A scientist;
  • Hunter Wright - A reporter;
  • Sage Smith - Morgan King’s romantic partner.

For organizations and corporate events, this virtual game costs $50 per guest.

15) When the Clock Strikes Murder

This interactive game is a New Year’s Eve online virtual party for 4-10 players. However, there’s an expansion pack that adds four more characters, as well as a spectator file which allows you to include 100+ spectators in the game.

There’s an instant game download - you don’t need to print anything, just make sure your Internet connection is stable and you’re fine.

With the game you receive:

  • a host instruction file with bonus games to play online, player instructions, as well as a so-called timeline sheet (abbreviated instructions) for your event;
  • 12 character packets (PDF files) to send to your players well before of the party (they include instructions, a character bio, a suspect list, and 3 rounds of game play);
  • 3 videos - round one, round two, and solution video (you can download the video, stream it from YouTube or Vimeo, or download the video from Vimeo);
  • a free invitation;
  • solution keys for the game and potential game challenges - the host can play along without actually spoiling the game;
  • an editable text field player contact sheet for pre-game;
  • a free pre-game website (optional, but recommended);
  • an alternate endings file (optional to use, but recommended).

The game costs $46.95.

16) The Murder of Miles Randolph

Who killed Miles Randolph?

Is the killer an employee in the toy factory? Is it a family member? Perhaps the butler? Maybe even some of his colleagues from the past?

Taken that Miles hated everyone, and was a gloomy person, there are many reasons for his murder as well as a long list of potential suspects.

This intriguing murder mystery game is for 4-10 players, but you get to add 100+ non-suspect players if you wish.

The game comes with}:

  • a host instruction file - including bonus games to play online, player instructions, as well as a timeline sheet for the event.
  • 10 character packets (PDF files) to send to your players in advance of the event. (they include instructions, a character bio, suspect list, and three rounds of game play)
  • solution keys for the game and also a game challenge (the host can play along without spoiling the game) an editable text field player contact sheet for pre-game;
  • a free invitation (optional to use);
  • a free pre-game website (optional, but recommended).

The Murder of Miles Randolph costs $46.95.

17) Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster

Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster is a 30-minute murder mystery game (basically, it’s a game you can host during the break on a working day).

The standard version is for 8-16 players, and the expanded one can easily accommodate more than 100 participants. The game has 8 primary characters:

  • Gino Cabella, the hitman;
  • Catalina "Crazy Cat" Macciano, the shooter;
  • Claudia Navarra, Don's girl;
  • Antonio "Lefty" Bonocello, Don's bodyguard;
  • Lorenzo Pennino, the driver;-
  • "Dirty" Vinnie Marino, the conman;
  • Roxie "Stiletto" Russo, the thug;
  • Regina Guissepe, the bartender.

However, it’s worth noting that if you have more than 8 players, you may bring in additional players in the form of “investigators”. In this role, the participants aren’t suspects, and don’t have character background - but they can work on solving the mystery with the rest of the players and are allowed to question the suspects.

This murder mystery game kit includes:

  • a hosting guide - to learn all the steps for running the game;
  • character sheets - information sheets for 8 unique characters and 1 generic "Investigator" character;
  • name cards - printable name cards which can be put in front of players for in-person games (if you decide to switch from an online party to a physical one);
  • an introductory handout - a description of the game that you can send to your guests;
  • an invitation template - a printable template you can use to send paper invitations to your guests.

The game costs $29.95.

18) Malachai Stout's Family Reunion

A reunion was expected. A murder was what they got instead.

Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion is yet another 30-minute murder mystery game.

This standard version is also great for 8-16 players, and the expanded one allows for more than 100 participants to play. Here are the dysfunctional family members:

  • Grandma Winifred Stout: Malachai's wife;
  • Penelope Clarington: Malachai's daughter;
  • Harrison Clarington: Penelope's husband;
  • Mortimer Stout: Malachai's son;
  • Monica Stout: Mortimer's wife,
  • Sabrina Stout: Mortimer and Monica's only daughter; Uncle Edwin Stout: Malachai's brother;
  • Sebastian Seward: Malachai's butler.

The same rules we outlined for the investigator role in the previous game apply here too. What’s more, you get the same game kit which includes a hosting guide, character sheets, name cards, an introductory handout, and an invitation template.

The price is $29.95.

Other Fan Favorites

19) Murder in Ancient Egypt

Murder in Ancient Egypt is a great murder mystery game for history buffs, but also for crime lovers too.

The context is as follows: in ancient Egypt, a mysterious murder took place. Now you and your team need to follow the clues, solve the puzzles, and discover the murderer. Once you do it, the game’s master storyteller will share what exactly occurred on the night of the murder.

TeamBuilding’s virtual murder mystery games are loved by maaaany teams and corporate organizations. They’re super easy to book, the prices are fair, and experts design the game dynamics. Plus, they provide an amazing opportunity for team-building, hence the organization's name.

These games are fully hosted events, and can be played by 9-300+ people.

You can expect escape room vibes, mechanics of virtual confer4ence rooms, and traditional murder mystery clues and storylines. There’s “work” to be done in breakout rooms too. For instance, small group dynamics is applied when players need to solve puzzles or analyze clues. This enhances teamwork and collaboration skills.

The master facilitator leads you and your team all throughout the game, so all you and your team need to follow is the instructions so that you can have the best possible murder mystery experience.

And it’s not just the facilitator that makes everything easy. It’s the detailed schedule too. Namely, most games have a rather spontaneous schedule and may end later or earlier than what the team may have anticipated. With TeamBuilding, however, each minute is pre-planned. Literally.

Just take a look at this tight schedule:


  1. Welcome - 5 minutes
  2. Icebreakers/Team Formations - 10 minutes
  3. Puzzle Solving - 60 minutes
  4. Closing - 5 minutes
  5. Buffer - 10 minutes
  6. Total - 90 minutes

Finally, to take a look at the exact pricing options, make sure to get in contact with the organizers. They have specials for large groups and packages.

20) Murder in the Queen’s Court

This is yet another online murder mystery game organized by TeamBuilding. It’s a great option for “puzzle solvers and sword sharpeners”.

And here’s the story: allegedly, the apprentice of the well-known magician called John Dee died under quite mysterious circumstances (how unexpected for a murder mystery game, right?). More specifically, he died outside the queen’s door!

It’s up to you and your team to join forces and solve the murder. The game contains magic, fun aspects, learning segments, political intrigue, and, of course, murder. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these games!! And if you don’t trust us, just take a look at the amazing reviews on their official website. When it comes to the technical aspects, everything we outlined in the previous game applies for this one as well.

21) Ho-ho-homocide

Yet another Night of Mystery game (check out our first section if you need to jog your memory)!

*Ho-ho-homicide puts a dark note to an otherwise jolly holiday season. But who decides to commit this murder? It may be an elf. Perhaps the reindeer. Or a wife trying to protect her family?

Play to find the answer!

This murder mystery game provides players with the following main cast options:

  • Santa Claus, the leader of North Pole operations;
  • Mrs. Claus, Santa’s wife;
  • Connie Claus, Santa’s daughter;
  • Kris Krangle, Santa’s protégé;
  • Jingle, the head elf;
  • Jangle, the elf.

And, of course, players receive a PDF file with lots of useful resources, information, and instructions.

Pricing options start at $48.

22) Which Guide Lied?

Who killed Peg Puller?

And which guide lied?

These two questions are the premise upon which this whole game rests.

The game can be played with 6-20 players. There are 6 main characters, and as the number of participants increases optional ones are added. Below we share some of the main players’ background information:

  • Iona Woggle, the negotiator;
  • Fay Ben-Powell, the natural leader;
  • Ivanna Sleep, the natural napper;
  • Gail Warnin, the BBC weather presenter-in-training;
  • Daisy Chain, the nature lover;
  • Barbie Ke, the meat eater.

Finally, check out the official website for pricing details, and also keep in mind that the game can be customized to fit your needs for an extra fee.

23) The Great British Bump-Off

The Great British Bump-Off is a murder mystery game with hilarious characters’ names, and it provides players with the following storyline:

Tension is high inside the big white tent because it’s time for this year’s bakers to face judgment and elimination. But wait! Stop those timers! Our esteemed judge, Shaw G. Bottom has just been discovered dead in the judge’s tent. The bread round just turned into the dead round.

And there’s a long list of suspects. In fact, all six main characters are described as suspects:

  • Victoria Sponge - a baker from the Isle of Wight (Female);
  • Mac O’ Roon – a baker from Belfast (Male);
  • Devon Scones – a baker from Cornwall (Gender-Neutral);
  • Brandy Snap – a baker from Gloucestershire (Female);
  • Kendall Mintcake – a baker from Cumbria (Gender-Neutral);
  • Whitey Bloomer – a baker from Herefordshire (Male).

The interesting thing is that you’ll see a male/female/gender-neutral explanation next to each character.

Also, note that as the number of players increases, so does the number of suspects in the game. The expected number of participants is between 6 and 20 people.

Next, there’s a generous “download and print at home” game kit. Here’s what it contains:

  • instructions about using/playing the game;
  • how to make the most of your game (plus activities and ideas for decoration);
  • invitations;
  • character booklets;
  • solution script for the inspector character;
  • mp3 files for the inspector character (with dialogue and solution);
  • recipe suggestions;
  • tips and tricks;
  • and a money-off voucher for your next purchase.

If you wish to experience a more personalized game to fit your event’s needs, feel free to contact the organizers. While this game starts from $30.79, there are other fees for a more customized approach.

24) An Inquisition of Vampires

If you have employees who binge watch vampire TV shows and can’t stop reading books about vampires, this interactive murder mystery game is the right choice for your office.

This is another 30-minute mystery, so it’s brief, yet quite dynamic. The standard version is for 8-16 players, whereas the expanded one can accommodate 17-100+ participants. The game costs $29.95.

The setting is in the town of Grayston. Grayston is a town of vampires - you and your team are playing the role of the 8 vampire inhabitants of the city. You’re suspected of killing Archibald Crane, the city’s Elder.

But here’s the thing: although Crane kept order in the city, the residents hated him, and each of the players have a good reason to get rid of him.

The game has eight primary characters:

  • Alister Maundrell, the rebel;
  • Ashlyn Ember, the occultist;
  • Damien Wolfe, the master of beasts;
  • Evelyn Mitternacht, the new arrival;
  • Calix DeCort, the outcast;
  • Ophelia Saint, the artist;
  • Tristan Crow, the businessman;
  • Narcissa Nin, the club girl.

That said, the game allows for more than 8 players. As we explained with the game Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster earlier in the article, additional participants can play the role of “investigators”.

An Inquisition of Vampires is a game that progresses in 3 rounds. Keep in mind that you can host this game in person too.

Finally, as with more or less all games, this one also comes with a game kit which includes:

  • a hosting guide, that is, a guidebook which explains the process of running the game;
  • character sheets, which are basically information sheets for the 8 characters (there’s also a generic investigator character sheet);
  • printable name cards that can be put in front of the participants (optional, as it mostly applies to in person games);
  • an introductory handout, which is a brief description of the game that you can send to your team members ahead of the murder mystery game (optional);
  • an invitation template (a printable template that you can use to send paper invitations to your prospective attendees).

25) Murder in the Swinging Sixties

Are there any 60s lovers in your office?

If not, they will be after playing this detailed murder mystery game!

In all honesty, this is one of the most meticulously planned murder mystery games out there. In fact, it’s so detailed that you won’t believe someone actually took the time to include so many institutions, suggestions, and tips for a GAME!

But that’s why we like it and recommend it.

By now, it’s clear that the game is set in the 19060s, so it’s all about rock stars, hippies, gangsters, and anti-smut campaigners. You can play it both in person and online.

The Murder in the Swinging Sixties comes with very clear instructions. In fact, there’s a whole separate document with instructions for the face-to-face play, and the virtual game.

You need to keep in mind that the game is for 6-14 players, and you need to allocate characters to the guests. Also, pick a video chat software so that you and your team can communicate while playing.

You may even dress for the occasion the 60s spirit. The idea is to create a mystery party atmosphere. There are a bunch of printouts to help you with your 60s decor too.

Players should receive pre-party character books as well as invitations. As a host, you’ll get editable invitations, and you may either print them or email them. There’s an audio introduction with solutions too (and there’s a printed backup in case you’re having trouble accessing the audio).

This is what we mean when we say this is a neatly planned game!

The game promises a bunch of attractive clues, and the cues in the prompt cards definitely allow for comic interpretations.

The game’s cost is £17 - £29.

26) Drama at Drag Brunch: The Slaying of the Sequin Sisters

It's showtime at Fortune Fanny's, the hottest (and only) Drag Brunch and Bingo on Long Island. The gals are all a busy fingering their feathers, dusting on glitter - and gagging over two dead bodies.

There lay the Sequin Sisters who started their act with a death drop unlike any queen has ever seen. Play along with “Casey Closed” the Drag Detective (Ginger Minj from RuPaul’s Drag Race) to catch the killer!

This is the story you and your team should expect if you decide to play Drama at Drag Brunch: The slaying of the Sequin Sisters. You can play it either virtually or in real life.

The murder mystery game can be played by 4-20 characters (any of whom could potentially be the murderer). That said, there might be additional guests who can play along as detectives. They could ask questions each round and try to guess the killer toward the end.

Also, players get a very detailed game download pack, which includes valuable resources for the game such as certificate awards, a Spotify playlist, a character booklet, and so on.

When it comes to the actual characters, below we provide some details and information background prospective players may find useful:

  • Penny Slot$, a new queen who arrived in town from Vegas;
  • Shana Tova, a Jewish queen who has been wanting to start her own food truck "Lotza Matzo Ballz!";
  • Tony “Just The” Tip, known as The bouncer and trade of the club;
  • Miss Anita Margarita, a long-time drag performer at Fortune Franny's;
  • Mary Bloody, the bartender with a record also known for keeping tabs on all the girls;
  • Mr. Charlie Ruples, the club owner is used to having no competition;
  • Poppy Pills, queen with a drug problem.

On the whole, Drama at Drag Brunch: The slaying of the Sequin Sisters may appear quite weird and eccentric for some, but appealing and unique for other players. Either way, we promise you’re in for a wild murder mystery ride!

27) Murder Mystery Zoom Parties

The Murder Mystery Zoom Parties is a company with more than 15 years of experience. They promise to turn every average online meeting in an unforgettable (and budget-friendly) experience. They take pride in their date flexibility too!

There’s a professional actor who hosts your Zoom murder mystery party, and before the game starts you and your team members get more information about your characters (things such as who you are, how you’re connected to the victim, and so on). You get instructions as to how to approach the murder mystery game too (for instance, investigating other suspects). There’s also an intro video all of you watch together before you start playing.

Once the game starts, there are breakout rooms where players can talk and investigate the murder. The game host is the one who provides new clues as well as background information when that’s necessary. The whole game unfolds in three acts.

It’s worth knowing that the Murder Mystery Zoom Parties provide games for 8-12 players. There are 8 suspect roles planned, and if there are more than 8 players, bystander roles are included.

Since the games are so dynamic and players wish to mimic real-life scenarios, many players wonder whether they should get dressed as their characters. Ultimately, this is each person’s individual decision, however, if you wish to have a more enhanced and authentic experience, then the company highly recommends dressing up as your character. In fact, if you need any guidance as to what outfit to pick, you can consult them for suggestions. They really do handle everything - all you need to do is play. As the official website says, you pick the time, [they] commit the crime.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I do murder mystery at home?

It’s not uncommon for people to host murder mystery parties at home. In fact, considering how easy and fun it is to prepare such a party, it makes sense that murder mystery games are such a widespread event.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to host a murder mystery event at home:

  • pick a theme both you and the guests resonate with;

  • create a detailed storyline you’ll follow all throughout the game;

  • invite your “suspects”;

  • plan your costumes;

  • decorate your house based on the chosen theme;

  • ensure there’s enough food and drinks for everyone;

  • let everyone know about the game details well before the party;

  • forget your house is your house - it’s a murder scene now;

  • and most importantly - have fun!

  • How do you play the game virtual murder mystery?

Playing virtual murder mystery games isn’t a complex task. After all, it’s a game.

That said, since it’s a virtual event, many initially believe they need some special technical skills, or certain apps in order to play such interactive games.

And while you do need certain apps and probably some basic Zoom knowledge (or any other video conferencing platform), it’s absolutely manageable, even for those who struggle with basic computer-related tasks.

In essence, to play a virtual murder game successfully, you need to understand the significance of online collaboration. The whole communication is centered around a video chat. This enables players to communicate and play the game.

Also, if you opt for an app such as Zoom, you get to use breakout rooms where individuals can communicate with secrecy, discuss plans, distribute clues, and so on.

Keep in mind that each murder mystery game comes with its own set of instructions, guidelines, and suggestions, so you may need to adjust to “new” game rules each time you opt for a different murder mystery game (although if we’re being honest, all of them have more or less the same approach - certain details may differ).

  • Can you only play murder mystery once?

It all really depends on the murder mystery game you and your team want to play (again). Let’s take Drama at Drag Brunch: The Slaying of the Sequin Sisters, for example.

This game has been created to be played over and over again. And this is so because the murder always changes. How cool is that?

We suggest checking out their official website (more specifically the FAQs) to learn more about this, but all you need to do is use your “Who Did It Slips” in order to assign a new murderer each time you and your team play. It’s worth mentioning that the answers to the questions are different each round based on whether the character is guilty or not.

We dare conclude this murder mystery game is one of those that take everything in account - from players who wish to engage in the game once, to those who want to keep coming back to it over and over again.

Which category do you and your team belong to?

  • How much does it cost to run a murder mystery party?

There’s not a fixed answer or a certain amount of money when it comes to the cost of running a murder mystery party. Put simply, it all depends on several factors.

First of all, if you’re playing free murder mystery games, the answer is clear. You basically have no costs whatsoever (unless there are some in-app purchases as we saw with some of the game apps, for instance). This is great for employers on the lookout for cost-effective solutions.

That said, if you and your team opt for paid murder mystery games, you’ll definitely have expenses. And they won’t be the same each time.

In essence, it depends on the number of players as well as the game being played (certain famous murder mystery games may be more expensive than those that aren’t that well-known).

For example, if we take a look Murder at the Juice Joint, here are the pricing options (depending on the number of guests):

  • for 20-80 guests: $93;
  • for 15-20 guests: $68;
  • for 10-15 guests: $58;
  • for 8-12 guests: $53;
  • for 6-8 guests: $48.

In other words, the more team members you have, the more expensive it is to play such interactive games.

You need to consider the costs related to video conferencing platforms (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and so on). For instance, if you end up hosting Zoom murder mystery parties, you’ll probably need to play for Zoom.

That said, many companies already have such licenses in place, as they tend to use them on a daily basis for their work anyway. So chances are if you use Zoom for these games, you also use it for online meetings, virtual holiday parties, webinars, and so on.

Finally, you need to consider whether you’re picking a self-hosted game, or if you’re fine organizing everything on your own.

Final Words

All in all, virtual murder mystery games are a great option for online bonding with your employees. Whether you prefer to call them detective games, social deduction games, or murder mystery games, they all have the same purpose - to provide a creative outlet for team members to connect, enjoy, and have fun.

Such interactive games are a great opportunity for team collaboration and boosting one’s problem-solving skills, too.

As Roland R. Kemler said: “We are only one piece in the puzzle of life with everyone’s piece being different but when the puzzle is done we are one tribe.”

Along these lines, we hope you and your team can embrace your individuality and differences while playing these party games, but at the same time celebrate the oneness once you manage to solve the unusual mystery case you’ve picked.