50 Best Virtual Escape Rooms [2023 Rankings & Reviews]


by Thomas · Updated Jan 18, 2023

Physical escape rooms have always been a great way for teams to bond and have fun, however, nowadays it seems online escape rooms have become the norm.

And if you feel like online escape rooms may not be a thing for you and your team, you’ve probably either never tried this activity, or have come across the wrong ones. There are many well-made and interesting online escape rooms on the Internet, but you need to find the right articles to point you to them first.

We did our research and selected only the best and most exciting online escape rooms for team building and simply having fun with your colleagues. But first, let’s briefly touch upon online escape rooms and why they’re a great team-bonding experience.


What Are Online Escape Rooms?

50 Best Online Escape Rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Online Escape Rooms?

Online escape rooms, also referred to as “virtual room escapes”, “escape games”, and “exit games”, are games in which a team of players is expected to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and complete tasks in order to reach a given goal in a specific amount of time. In essence, you’ve managed to “escape” the room once you’ve finished all tasks and uncovered the necessary clues.

These online escape rooms, which typically run via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and others, are created in such a way that the players are under the impression they’re in a real, physical room. They really are that immersive! Plus, most of the time the players control a Games Master, or a field agent based in a physical room who listens to their instructions and suggestions and does the challenges on behalf of the players.

Online escape rooms have many benefits for both small companies and large corporations. Here are some of them:

  • They’re used as a team-building activity to increase employee morale, boost employee engagement, as well as help employees take their minds off of work.

  • Apart from including employees from the same organization/company, these games can be used among business partners, even with customers.

  • Players get to have a lot of fun, as such activities help boost overall team spirit and help lighten up everyone’s mood.

  • They strengthen players’ communication skills, as individuals playing the game are required to collaborate and interact effectively.

  • Online escape games promote problem-solving skills as well. Players are asked to think logically, decipher information, and solve complex riddles and puzzles.

All in all, online escape rooms are one of the most common ways employees and employers get to have fun, do something together, and learn more about their skills and what happens when they work as a team (outside of work).

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the free online escape rooms are somewhat different from the paid ones in terms of visuals, quality, and the overall experience they provide. However, we wanted to give you more options to choose from, which is why we ended up including a wide range of online escape rooms.

Here are our favorite online escape rooms, so you’re sure to find one (or more) that’ll provide you and your team with an unforgettable experience.

50 Best Online Escape Rooms

1) Hidden City – Moriarty’s Game: A Killer in the Hive


Website: www.escapetheroomers.com

“You’re invited to join the British Government’s hive program, a decentralized network of private detectives, harnessing the power of citizens in solving crimes. Team up with your partner - Kayla Watson - as you attempt to track down a dangerous criminal, and uncover the truth about her mysterious informant.”

This is all you’re allowed to know about this online escape game, and honestly, this is all you need to be aware of before you start playing anyway. During the game, you can decode ciphers, plan undercover operations, lure suspects, hack security systems, investigate, and also infiltrate criminal syndicates. You and your team are invited to play together, and each choice you make determines your next step in the game.

Depending on your detective skills, you’re expected to finish the game within 60 to 90 minutes. However, the game keeps on running until it’s completed. In other words, if you need more time, you’ll get it.

Keep in mind that you need a UK or a US mobile number to play the game(s), though (at least the team captain needs one). This is so because once the teams are all set up, team captains receive a confirmation email along with a text message before the start of the game. They need to reply to the confirmation text message to start playing.


The Moriarty’s Game: A Killer in the Hive costs £11 per player.

2) Crazy Games


Website: www.crazygames.com

The Crazy Games include a wide range of virtual escape rooms - you and your team need to escape situations, islands, buildings, dungeons, and so on.

The games are there to test your logic, problem-solving skills, communication, and overall ingenuity. Usually, teams are required to solve challenging puzzles, talk to AI-based characters, do a series of moves, and so on.

The Crazy Games have collected 139 of some of the best virtual escape room games that are both fun and intellectual at the same time. Here are some of them:

  • Machine Room Escape;

  • Fleeing the Complex;

  • Car Eats Car Evil Cars;

  • Tomb Raider Online;

  • Charger Escape;

  • Easy Joe;

  • Space Museum Europe;

  • Computer Office Escape;

  • The Chick Chase;

  • Endless Hot Pursuit;

  • Cute Army: A Cat Story;

  • Ninja Painter;

  • A Mole in a Hole;

  • Monster Basement, and so on.

In case you wish to specifically learn what the most popular games are, the following ones have been very popular among users: Escape or Die, Machine Room Escape, Escaping the Prison, SpiderDoll, Escape or Die 2, Space Museum Escape, Computer Office Escape, Fleeing the Complex, Infiltrating the Airship, and Game Cafe Escape.

You can check the rest of the games on their website, and it’s perfectly fine if you find it hard to pick one. After all, 139 is a BIG number!

That said, knowing the theme you and your team will be keen to play may help. For instance, if you wish to explore different cultures and styles, you may opt for The Crimson Room. It has a very simple storyline - you wake up drunk, find yourself locked in someone else’s bedroom, and you need to escape from the room before your time's up. The game includes a lot of clicking around for hidden objects, as well as finding various clues to assist you with your escape.

Next, if you wish to explore something more abstract - such as a robot unicorn chasing its dreams, you should choose the Robot Unicorn Attack, an epic fantasy platform game. You get to grab birds and rainbows, and enjoy an amazingly created virtual fantasy world. The game speeds up the longer you’re playing, so you and your team need to react much faster as time goes by. Also, you get three lives, that is, three wishes.

And if you wish to play these games on your tablet or mobile phone, Crazy Games recommend the following escape games: Escape or Die, Keep Out, Machine Room Escape, Game Cafe Escape, and Space Museum Escape.


You can play The Crimson Room online escape room game for free.

3) Escape Hunt


Website: www.escapehunt.com

“No one can escape alone”.

This is one of the ways Escape Hunt describes its virtual escape events. They also believe they provide corporations with the best team-building experience. Escape Hunt explains their games are structured in a way that boosts team spirit because teams are asked to collaborate together and put their communication skills into play.

During the games, there are usually at least 2 players to up to 6, however, Escape Hunt has hosted very large events, so we recommended getting in touch with them to ask for further details. In essence, they can accommodate their games and services based on your teams’ requirements. For instance, although all their games are in English, you may contact their sales team regarding personalized translations.

In case you and your team have some doubts about the games, or you simply can’t make up your mind, Escape Hunt organizes a demo to help you decide.

It’s worth noting that their game masters and event organizers try their best to satisfy all your and your teams’ requirements as well. Also, both Zoom and Microsoft Teams are acceptable hosting platforms (although they tend to prefer Zoom for optimum experience).

The online escape room events last between 60-150 minutes, so plan your time accordingly. Some of the games’ titles include: The Pegasus Project, The Heist, Hackathon, and Five Eyes.

Finally, apart from the escape games we’ve just discussed, Escape Hunt also offers virtual Christmas parties in the form of remote digital adventures, such as The Naughty List and Yule Only Live Twice.


The games usually cost £120 per team.

4) Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room


Website: www.wolf-pac.com

“You're stuck in quarantine. It's been literal weeks. You've done every activity possible - from binge-watching Tiger King to starting a sourdough culture... you've even debated downloading TikTok. You're going insane.

It's time to buy a Nintendo Switch and play Animal Crossing. You look online and there are NO SWITCHES AVAILABLE. “

However, your friend knows a person who knows a person who knows a person (you get it) at Nintendo and can tell you a promo word so that you receive access to a secret stash. To do so, however, you need to go through a set of challenges designed by the company.

This is the context behind the Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room. And here are the rules you and your team should follow while playing this escape game:

No googling is allowed;

  • You can’t use any calculators, although you’re free to have a paper or a pencil with you (this is actually a recommendation);
  • You’re allowed to have 1 hint in total (so choose wisely);
  • The gifs aren’t clues;
  • You should use a stopwatch on your phone;
  • Teams should be made up of 4 people (this is just a recommendation, if you wish to include more people, then you can form more teams).

Finally, if you and your team get stuck and can’t seem to make any progress, there’s a solutions guide in the form of a Google doc you can consult.


The Ultra Mega Super Death Escape Room is free.

5) Escape Room Durham


Website: www.escapedurham.co.uk

Escape Room Durham provides online games divided into two categories: Leisure Customers and Corporate Bookings. You may wish to check the latter if you want to play with your team members from work.

This is a great option because Escape Room Durham promises several hours of fun. This applies if you choose The Hunters, which even they recommend as a great option for corporate teams (it lasts somewhere between 2-3 hours).

However, if you wish to play something intriguing, yet you don’t have several hours, you may opt for their Treasure Hunt Games such as Mr-X, Agent A, or Santas Christmas Rush. They usually last around 90 minutes.

You can play any of these games via Zoom (or any other online communication tool). Their licenses can be bought for numerous sessions or single events.

By the way, if you decide to buy their corporate license, your company gets a private link so that each team member can freely log in using their own device. Also, you don’t need to share any personal information or data to do so. Plus, you also get cheaper rates for a larger number of members. We also appreciate the fact that they provide technical support such as phone assistance (if you need it).


  • Santas Christmas Rush - £10;

  • Mr - X - free for leisure;

  • The Hunters - £10;

  • Agent A - £5;

  • Quest of the Rose Coins - free for leisure;

Make sure to contact Escape Room Durham to get prices for corporate use.

6) Sherlock Escape Room


Website: www.sherlocksescaperooms.com

If you wish to see what it feels like to be Sherlock Holmes for 60 minutes - we have you covered. The Sherlock Escape Room is said to provide players with some of the most amusing online escape room experiences ever.

Here’s how it works: you and your team choose the room theme, book online, and once your reservation is confirmed, you receive a Zoom link to participate in the game. It’s recommended that you wait in the online queue for 5 to 10 minutes before the event starts. Then, the Game Master responsible for the virtual event will give you instructions and you’re ready to begin your online escape room adventure.

You need to solve clues, codes, puzzles, as well as locks while instructing a live actor inside a very real escape room on what to do and where to go. And you need to do all of it before you run out of time.

Here are some of the themes you get to choose from: The Shipwreck, Cabin in the Woods, The Lost Kingdom, The Shed, The Bank Heist, Graveyard Escape, Lost in Time, Outbreak: Find the Cure, and Zombie Survival Run.


The Sherlock Escape Rooms virtual events cost $159 per game and can accommodate up to 8 players.

7) International Monster Hunter


Website: www.teambuilding.com

The International Monster Hunter is an online escape room that challenges players to answer trivia, follow clues, and solve various puzzles in order to find creatures such as Chupacabra, Ebu Gogo, and the Loch Ness Monster. While you’re playing the game and are staying connected on Zoom, a host keeps you alert and guides you through the game. There’s also a co-host who makes sure the technology works fine at all times.

The game runs for 90 minutes and you and your team should expect to have a lot of fun, exciting challenges, and enjoyable interaction.


The International Monster Hunter provide standard pricing, but there are specials for larger groups, as well as packages and nonprofits. All you need to do is enter the necessary details, and they’ll send you further info regarding prices.

8) Escape Live


Website: www.escapelive.co.uk

Escape Live offers three kinds of virtual escape room experiences in the form of live video escape rooms, online escape games, and 360 virtual escape rooms.

First of all, the live video escape rooms include 60-minute events (usually played via Zoom), where you and your teammates take control of the game master, which require booking in advance. The games resemble the “physical” escape room events Escape Live offers - they’ve simply been adjusted to the needs of virtual escape rooms. Also, the game masters are in a physical room while you’re playing virtually.

The online escape games include a simple log-in, sharing your screen, and dealing with a set of challenges (the typical ones that usually come with each escape game such as solving puzzles and finding codes). These “Buy Now, Play Anytime” games, as their name suggests, can be purchased and played whenever you and your team feel like it. These games take approximately 60-90 minutes to complete. That said, if you need more time, there’s no limit as to when you have to finish.

Once the game’s been bought, you’ll receive a link to access it. The main player gets to share their screen while taking assistance and advice from the rest of the players in order for everyone to complete the game successfully.

Visually, the 360 virtual escape rooms are quite exciting since you log in to a 360-degree image of a real escape room. You work closely with your teammates while trying to crack the codes and escape together.

All of the live video escape rooms are suitable for up to ten players.

Finally, when it comes to actually choosing a game to play, here are the titles (they’re pretty much self-explanatory):

  • Rogue Agent;

  • Sherlock The Grand Debut;

  • Pirate Plunder Virtual;

  • Magic School;

  • Casino Heist;

  • Room 13;

  • Peaky Blinders The Raid;

  • Dr Willson’s Office;

  • Shakespeare’s Script;

  • Prison Break.


Prices start from £15. Check Escape Live’s website for specific prices.

9) The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


Website: www.worldofescapes.com

Here’s how the story of The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln is set:

  • You are John Wilkes Booth.

  • You are a well-known actor.

  • You are also a Confederate sympathizer.

  • You believe Abraham Lincoln to be the root of the country's problems.

  • You believe Abraham Lincoln to be a tyrant, abusing his power as President.

  • You decide to do something about it.

This virtual escape room mixes the concept of an online escape room with the freedom to choose your own story. Now, what is this supposed to mean? Well, you and your team can choose from the two given scenarios to create your own escape journey. In other words, as the path is said to differ, you and your teammates may play it a few times to experience the game from different perspectives.

The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln is based on history, however, it has a modern touch as well typically conveyed through contemporary humor, screenshots of text messages, and other visual images.

Here’s what you and your team need to know before you start playing it: each page has two scenarios - it’s your task to pick one (one scenario follows the path of history as it occurred, and the other one offers an alternative version of history). This is what we mean when we say that you and your team choose the path you wish to experience.

That said, if you wish to complete the whole game, you need to follow the path of history as it really occurred. And to make progress in each scenario, you need to solve puzzles connected to the scenario at hand.


The Assasination of Abraham Lincoln is a free online escape game.

10) Wildly Different Escape Rooms


Website: www.wildlydifferent.com

The Wildly Different Escape Rooms are popular among various types of corporations including, but not limited to healthcare, banking and finance, technology, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

These online escape rooms are typically played via an app. In essence, you and your team are required to download an escape room on your tablet or smartphone, while being connected on a video conferencing platform (such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, and so on) where you plan and discuss your escape.

To successfully finish the game, you need to solve puzzles and escape a series of rooms before the time runs out. The games last 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes (depending on the game you’ve chosen). Wildly Different Escape Rooms say that their 60-minute long games get the highest reviews, so if this is something that works for you and your teammates, you should definitely consider it.

In terms of the group sizes, it’s worth mentioning that any size group is welcomed (the groups are then further broken down into separate teams). However, the recommended team size is five people. This is said to provide great engagement and better communication among players. Still, if you wish to have larger teams, this can absolutely be done.

For corporations who wish to enjoy a custom online escape room experience, we’re glad to let you know that Wildly Different Escape Rooms offers such an option. This is done in a way that the company that stands behind the escape room designs can create a challenge specifically adjusted to your and your team’s needs. The game makers can even tailor questions, include clues from your industry, and so on.

When it comes to the online escape room apps and games, here’s what the Wildly Different Escape Rooms have to offer:

  • Undercover Escape;

  • Escape The Artic;

  • Escape The Castle;

  • Crack the Code – Virtual Escape Room Team Building;

  • Custom Virtual Escape Room;

  • Order of Illusionists;

  • Timeline – An 80s Escape Room.

On the whole, the Wildly Different Escape Rooms are known for their positive reviews, versatile themes, and authentic virtual escape experience.


Prices depend on the number of players, but they usually start at $1000. Make sure to contact the Wildly Different Escape Rooms for more specific information.

11) Brain Chase

Website: www.brainchase.com

While most online escape rooms deal with themes such as investigation, murder, hunt, stealing, and so on, Brain Chase has a much more educational approach, making it very suitable for teachers and students. However, we dare say it’s also great for companies who simply wish to learn more and test their current knowledge.

Here are the challenges you get to choose from:

  • The Megalodon’s Tooth

  • Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure

  • Escape from the Louvre

  • The Crutch of Tiny Tim

  • The Plymouth Cornucopia

  • Escape from the Library

  • The Sword of Agamemnon

  • The Quill of Beethoven

  • The Ivory Queen

  • Escape from the Smithsonian

  • The Diary of Jane Austen

  • The Tomb of Nefertari

  • Escape from Mt. Everest

Brain Chase also provides monthly learning adventures, which basically allows you to combine various “electives” in a series of online escape rooms. You get to choose your electives, and here are the categories for the escape room challenges:

  • Art with Thorpe Studios

  • Chores

  • Cooking with Edible Education

  • Debate

  • Engineering with Leo Labs

  • Entrepreneurship with Acton Children’s Business Fair

  • Ninja Warrior Fitness

  • Math with Khan Academy

  • Music Practicing

  • Photography

  • Reading with Google Books

  • Service with MobileServe

  • Sports

And in case you wish to host a separate escape room event or a party for your team, you need to choose from the following games: the Skeleton Key of Houdini, Plimoth Cornucopia, Crutch of Tiny Tim, & Escape from Mount Everest.

The online escape room experience takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete. That said, you should set aside some 30 minutes for preparation. This includes checking technology and making sure everything works fine, reviewing the solution, as well as communicating with the other team players. Brain Chase is available for assistance all the time.


For monthly learning subscriptions:

  • Just the escape rooms - $19.99 per month;

  • Escape rooms plus unlimited access to Learning Electives - $49.99 per month.

For separate escape room events/parties:

  • 5 participants - $39;

  • 10 participants - $79;

  • 15 participants - $99;

  • 20 participants - $129;

  • 35 participants - $199;

  • 50 participants - $249;

  • 65 participants - $299;

  • 80 participants - $349;

  • 100 participants - $379;

  • 125 participants - $399;

  • 150 participants - $429;

  • 175 participants - $479;

  • 200 participants - $499;

  • 200+ participants - get in touch with Brain Chase for further details.

12) Trapped

Website: www.trappedinaroom.co.uk

Trapped has hands down the best live avatar online escape rooms. These rooms are “a new generation of escape rooms which are exactly like physical escape rooms, but can be played from anywhere in the world via a Zoom call”.

Throughout playing the games, there’s a Trapped Game Master who’s your team Avatar, and they’re following your instructions to help you solve the puzzle (this is also possible thanks to a live camera). The Avatar is in a physical room while you’re playing from the comfort of your home (or perhaps your office).

Players can expect a 60-minute game, a lot of fun, and they can choose from 9 super interesting themes. Here are some of the games:

  • Madness

  • Bomb

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Murder

  • Prison

  • Voodoo School

  • Japan

  • Aztec

  • Portal

  • The Matrix

  • The Diamond Heist

  • Legacy of Noo’Zaca

  • Cold War Crisis

The ideal number of players is between 2-6 people. Players are advised to install Zoom for communication purposes, and you’ll be asked to cooperate closely with your peers as you play the game and solve puzzles.

Unsurprisingly, considering the top quality of the games, the live avatar rooms are played by well-known companies such as Apple, Nike, Google, Amazon, and so on, which only further boosts their popularity.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Trapped offers custom-made virtual escape games for companies. They provide company-branded design and storyline, actual 3D locations integrated within the gameplay, unique sounds and videos added to the game, user evaluations and a scoreboard, and a best price/value solution for larger corporations. Also, up to 100.000 users can play at the same time.


All games cost £110.

13) Deadlocked Escape Rooms

Website: www.deadlockedrooms.com

The Deadlocked Escape Rooms are some of the most corporate-friendly online escape rooms out there. Namely, they have separate corporate versions of their escape games (for instance, the 6-hour classic game The Insiders has been modified into a 60-90 minute game); and they also give a printable papercraft trophy to the winners, and if more teams are playing, they can even customize the trophy using your company’s logo.

Some of the online escape room games are entirely online, such as The Cyphstress, whereas others such as the one we mentioned above, The Insiders, require certain materials to be printed beforehand.

The Deadlocked Escape Rooms provide players with cryptic ciphers, web hunts, and various different puzzles they need to solve in an alternative reality scenario. Once they’re done, they need to email specific chunks of information to the organizers’ in-game character.


Prices start from £12.00 for 6 players, however, we suggest visiting their website for more information.

14) Isolation

Website: www.escaperoom.com.au

Probably one of the best online escape rooms you can pick if you find yourself in a COVID-19 lockdown, Isolation is a game for 4-6 players with multiple endings. You communicate with your team over Zoom, and you need to have a suitable camera, functional microphone, as well as decent Internet connection.

During the game, you and your team talk to a live actor, who’s, in fact, playing the story’s main character, and helps reveal the overall mystery. Some of the activities you’re required to engage in are: going through documents, visiting websites, watching videos, cracking locked folders, googling information, and so on.

Overall, the game is quite interactive and packed with tricky puzzles.


  • 2 people – $120

  • 3 people – $140

  • 4 people – $160

  • 5 people – $180

  • 6 people – $200

15) The Trials of Wisdom

Website: www.stories.sydneyoperahouse.com

This is part of the introduction to The Trials of Wisdom online escape room. The game invites you to use your problem-solving skills to the maximum for you and your team to free yourselves. You don’t need any prior knowledge to play this game, however, the clues and the tasks may seem kind of unexpected or weird at times (such as decoding a ballerina’s dance position).

You can consider that you’ve successfully escaped the room once you’ve entered 4 passwords at the bottom of the game’s page. You get the clues for each password throughout playing the game - each room is said to correlate to one word, however, you need to make sure you write them in the correct order. Once you’ve reached the end of the game, you’ll see this section: “Can you pass the Trials of Wisdom?

Hopefully you have all of the clues you need. Now speak the password, unlock the end of the story and escape.” This is where you write the actual passwords.

If you struggle with a specific clue or can’t seem to figure out the password, you can get help on Twitter (try searching for @SydOperaHouse and the hashtag #EscapeTheHouse). Also, it’s a good idea to have a pen and paper nearby while playing the game.


The Trials of Wisdom is a free online escape room.

16) Next Level Escape

Website: www.nextlevelescape.com.au

Award-winning puzzles, outstanding storylines, 3D spheres, amazing adventures, and top-notch technology - these are only some of the things A Temporal Tangle offers. Their online escape games are especially amazing for sci-fi fans. However, you and your team are more than likely to enjoy playing it regardless of whether you’re fond of sci-fi or not.

You can play the games straight from your browser - all of them work well on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox and any laptop or PC with WebGL enabled. You need to set aside 1.5 to 2 hours per game, as players are allowed to play the escape games at their own pace to fully enjoy the escape experience. Plus, there’s no time limit, so feel free to take your time.

Also, none of the games are hosted - this means you and your team can play them at any time. All you need is a code (which you receive right after you buy the game), and you can play wherever you find it suitable, as the code can be used up to six months after purchasing it. In case you and your team get stuck, there’s a detailed automatic hint system that will “push” you in the right direction without fully revealing the right answer.

We also need to mention that each code you purchase is valid for a team of up to 6 players. If you have more players, you should split them into groups (3-6 players), and then get a separate code for each group.

Also, the organizers advise players to use their preferred video/audio chat program with their teammates while playing the game.

The Games

The Temporal Tangle explores what happened to Agent Fox, an outstanding agent of the Future Directions Bureau. He got sent back on a very special mission in the 21st century in order to restore the integrity of the timeline. However, he has gone missing since then. You and your team need to find out what happened, place him back on the timeline, and by doing that save the future. The whole game is full of ingenious tricks, unusual clues and puzzles, and unexpected secrets. Also, while you play you’re not able to see what others are doing - so communication is key to successfully completing this game! So, once you manage to find an item, open a lock, or solve a clue, make sure to inform the rest of the players.

The Strange Disappearance on Station Eleven is an adventure set aboard a completely empty space station with a noir touch. You and your team need to discover what happened to the crew. This game offers many fun and unusual ways to connect with the other teammates while playing (such as a shared inventory system, and a catch-up option). This means that once a player solves a puzzle or finds a clue - it’s available for all, unlike the previous game, where you have to communicate this to the rest of the players. That said, open communication is still very important with this game, as it’s much more complex, and has tricky puzzles.


The Temporal Tangle costs $30 AUD per code (one code is valid for a team of up to 6 people).

The Strange DIsappearance on Station Eleven is $40 AUD per code (one code is valid for a team of up to 6 people).

17) Mad Genius Escape Co

Website: www.madgeniusescapes.com

Mad Genius Escape Co have two of the most unusual and hilarious virtual games out there. And if you doubt this, just analyze the plot behind The Truth about Edith:

You may recognise Edith Humphreys, your sweet neighbour with 24 cats. You may have even helped her out, snooped around her apartment. But there’s something about Edith that doesn’t quite add up… she looks way younger than she is, she says she was born in 1902 but that she’s 97 years young… and she lives at a business called Mad Genius Escapes?! What is going on here…

The game is inspired by cats, eccentric old ladies, and a very mysterious business that goes by the name Mad Genius Escapes. The game requires four players, and it’s hosted via Zoom. It has many wild twists and asks individuals to use various elements online while playing. Also, there’s no game host to help you while playing.

Boobano Farm is the second game. It’s a virtual puzzle suitable for large groups (great for corporations with a lot of employees), as it can accommodate up to 100 people. It has a heart-warming story, witty animations, and a lot of interaction. Boobano Farm requires much more collaboration, interaction, and teamwork than The Truth about Edith. It’s all about managing to complete the game in the least amount of time.

Both games require players to have either a laptop or a computer with Chrome or Firefox installed on them.

Finally, if you wish to play a custom-made escape game, reach out to Mad Genius Escape Co to settle on the details and see what the conditions are regarding such matters.


The Mad Genius Escape Co costs $25 per player.

The Boobano Farm game is $20 per player.

18) Black Noir Murder Escape Room

Website: www.blacknoirescape.com

Players describe the Black Noir Murder Escape room like this:

“My all-time favorite virtual team building activity so far this year. Black Noir was epic fun!” - Jonathan Wu

And this:

“I tried a few other online escape rooms with my team and this one is the best out there.” - Teresa Myers

In essence, the Black Noir Murder Escape Room provides players with the experience of playing the private investigator Mr. Jones. The game has gangster vibes and it takes place in several locations in New York. There’s a mysterious letter that guides you through a series of crime scenes - there are suspects to interrogate, and various puzzles to solve. You and your team need to solve the crime before the murder has the chance to strike yet again. All in all, it’s a great story with many fun challenges to overcome.

Now, how does the game work? First of all, you need to purchase a one-access code per group (3-5 players). Next, you need to start a video call using a video communicating platform (such as Zoom) and then share your screen with the rest of the players. That’s it - you’re ready to start playing.


The Black Noir Escape Room game costs $49, but you don’t need to play the game right away - you get access to it for the next 12 months.

19) Casa Loma Escape Series

Website: www.escapecasaloma.com

“We're all young professionals with serious, demanding jobs but this game is bringing out the childlike wonder in us.”

“Unlike other escape rooms, this one is theatrical and includes a cast of actors to further enhance the immersive experiences.”

“The balance of complexity of puzzles and the theatrical performances by actors really gets participants involved in the story.”

These are some of the recommendations you may read on Casa Loma Escape Series’ website. And based on what they say, we dare say you can’t go wrong with choosing any online escape game they offer.

Casa Loma Escape Series has three virtual escape games:

  • Virtual King of the Bootleggers - The Gold Getaway

  • Virtual Murdoch Mysteries

  • Virtual Station M

These virtual events may host anywhere from 4 up to 200 people. You get to thoroughly explore a room in a 360-degree online environment while working on identifying clues and solving puzzles in a video chat room. There’s also clue staff that provide players with tips and tricks during the game. The online escape room games last 60 minutes.


  • Virtual Station M - Tickets: $40.00 + tax

  • Virtual Murdoch Mysteries - Tickets: $46.00 + tax

Virtual King of the Bootleggers “The Gold Getaway” - Tickets: $25.00 + tax

Always make sure to check official websites for price changes (as well as any other change). For instance, at the moment of writing this article, the Virtual Murdoch Mysteries is available for private groups.

20) The Omega Protocol

Website: www.monikerpartners.com

The Omega Protocol is one of the most advanced online escape rooms out there. It’s a fully 3D virtual escape room (basically a 3D environment is rendered in 8K UHD), and uses the latest technology to place you and your team in a first-person perspective while you explore 3 locales built from scratch during your adventure.

It challenges teams to solve many puzzles in order to save humanity from a disastrous zombie apocalypse. The storyline is centered around scientists whose idea is to prolong the human lifespan. However, their experiment goes wrong, and next thing you know, you witness the emergence of the walking dead.

The game lasts 90 minutes, and it can host up to 150 players divided into teams of 4-6 people. That’s what makes The Omega Protocol a great virtual escape room for larger corporations. Different departments can compete against one another - who’s going to solve the puzzles and escape first? The HR team? The marketing department? Perhaps accounting?

That said, the organizers insist on having at least 40 people to justify all their expenses related to facilitators, live actors (if necessary), live hosts, and so on. When it comes to the conferring platform being used, it’s worth understanding that this escape room is built on Zoom. So, at this point, it’s impossible to use Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or WebEx to play this game. These platforms simply don’t provide the needed functionality for these virtual events.

Now, after you purchase the game, a dedicated contact from their Operations team will get in touch with you so that you can set up the documentation. Also, you may contact the Operations teams for any questions you may have at any point leading up to the game’s date. Players also receive a reminder 48h before the event with all the details. So, on the day of the game, all you and your team need to do is simply log in, and you can start playing!


Contact the vendor for further details. Also, keep in mind that group discounts are available.

21) The Escape Game

Website: www.theescapegame.com

Google, Pepsi, Netflix, and TikTok are just some of the brands that have played the online escape games offered by The Escape Game. These escape room games are set in a physical room. What we’re trying to say is that while you may play from the comfort of your home, you’re not dealing with a virtual space - you see the action take place in a real room.

Here are some of the online escape room games:

  • The Depths

  • Ruins: Forbidden Treasure

  • Rugrats: Search for the Losted Toys

  • The Heist

  • Prison Break

  • Gold Rush

All games allow for up to 8 individuals to play. Once you and your team sign in Zoom, you’ll be greeted by your game guide and a host. The game guide has a camera on their head, and will act as your eyes during the game, and also do the things you tell them to. In essence, they’ll execute the tasks on your behalf, so saying things such as “Turn left”, “Hold still”, “Input this code”, will be very common statements throughout the game.


The games cost $32 + tax per person.

22) Virtual Escape Room: Jewel Heist

Website: www.outbackteambuilding.com

We always talk about thinking outside the box, but Virtual Escape Room: Jewel Heist asks you to “think outside the room” to solve the clues and overcome the challenges, and it’s up to you and your team to find the hidden jewels before your time expires.

Now, how do you get to play this game? First of all, you need to reach out to the employee engagement consultants for a free consultation and then pick a solution that suits your team’s needs.

Next, you and your team will receive a dedicated event facilitator who will look after the logistics and the overall game set-up. The facilitator will give you all the necessary login instructions, details, and a general overview of what you can expect.

Once you sign in using a video conferencing platform of your choice, the allocated event host will divide you into groups and give you the clues you need to uncover.

All in all, you and your team get a virtual event host, an outstanding online escape room experience, detailed pre-event coordination, as well as a dedicated event manager, and you can expect to have the time of your lives!


Pricing is $11-$49 per person.

23) The Grimm Escape

Website: www.puzzlebreakli.com

A witch has placed a curse on a virtual enchanted forest…

This is what the Grimm Escape is all about. It’s a virtual mythical challenge that takes place virtually in an enchanted forest (you get to “access” the forest using Zoom). Once you’re “there”, you and your team are asked to solve puzzles, and more importantly, successfully escape the witch’s curse. Does your team have what it takes to do it?

As with most games, your team gets a live game host to make sure you’re making progress and moving through the game with ease. What’s more, the live game host caters the game to your team’s needs, and is able to assess the difficulty level you can cope with.


The Grimm Escape costs $25 per person (a minimum of three players is required to play the game, and a maximum of twelve players is allowed).

24) YouEscape

Website: www.livevideoescaperooms.com

If you ever wondered what makes people create escape rooms so that others get to play them, now you get to finally understand. Namely, here is GM Nick has to say about his online escape room creation, YouEscape:

I love puzzles and escape rooms. Always did, always will.

They fascinate me, intrigue me and a good puzzle can give my brain a natural high.

So one of those sleepless nights that one ponders what life is all about, I realized that I should strive to make my passion a bigger part of my life.

Thus YouEscape was born.

Now, what type of games does YouEscape offer exactly?

Well, there are 18 online escape room games you can choose from, and to ensure the most enjoyable experience, you should play them in the following order:

  • YouEscape #1 [Magnum Opus]

  • YouEscape #2 [Elements]

  • YouEscape #3 [Electromagnetic Fields]

  • YouEscape #4 [A Musical Escape]

  • YouEscape #5 [Prism]

  • YouEscape #6 [A Murder Mystery]

  • YouEscape #7 [Constellations]

  • YouEscape #8 [Seabed]

  • YouEscape #9 [Colors]

  • YouEscape #10 [Colors - Part 2]

  • YouEscape #11 [Time Bomb]

  • YouEscape #12 [A Murder Mystery#2]

  • YouEscape #13 [A Twist of Time]

  • YouEscape #14 [Traveling Solo]

  • YouEscape #15 [Wave-Particle Duality]

  • YouEscape #16 [A Monochromatic Adventure]

  • YouEscape #17 [Mutus Liber]

  • YouEscape #0 [Connection]

The recommended number of players is usually from 2 to 6 players, and there are three levels of difficulty: casual, normal, or hardcore.

To play a game, you need to schedule a specific time slot, and you and your team should join a Zoom video call. During the game, all of you are asked to communicate with the Gamemaster. The Gamemaster can give hints, and answer any game-related questions you and your team may have. There are many clues in the form of videos, photos, as well as mini-games to help you out in solving the puzzles you’re given.


In general, the price is $30 per team, however, if a team has more than nine players, or requires multiple gamemasters, it’s best to consult YouEscape directly to get a custom quote.

Also, it’s worth noting that YouEscape offers three membership levels. Here they are:

Play YouEscape - $30 per month (the cost is per group)

  • you can play YouEscape with your group or solo;

Play 2 YouEscape Rooms (the cost is per group)

  • you can play (or gift) 2 YouEscape rooms per month;

  • Play 10 YouEscape Rooms (the cost is per group)

you get to play 16 YouEscape rooms;

25) Confundrum Escape Rooms

Website: www.confundrumescaperooms.com

“You’re being held hostage by the evil pirate Blackbeard. He has gone ashore to pillage and plunder leaving you to ponder a terrifying end. You have 60 minutes to escape that fate.”

This is the explanation for the Blackbeard’s Big escape room.

Next, the Twisted Woods story goes like this:

“You’re traveling with your friends when your car runs out of gas near a vacant cabin. You approach the cabin in search for assistance. What you find inside will haunt you forever. Can you get the gas and get away before your fate is sealed?”

And here’s what you can expect from their New Haven escape room experience: there’s a cold case referred to as the “New Haven Orphanage Disappearances”, and it’s quite infamous in Haveport, your town. It refers to the mysterious disappearances of kids, and you’ve been asked to solve the case. The question is whether you’ll be able to solve it, or perhaps you’ll be the next to go missing?

So, are you ready to break free from the chains of the evil pirate Blackbeard? Can you face the things you see in the cabin? Finally, are you capable of solving the mysterious disappearance of kids?

If you are, then simply see which option resonates for your team, and enjoy your online escape room journey! The Confundrum Escape Rooms are known for their top-notch 3-D graphics, as well as a virtual walk-through which resembles that of a video game.

All in all, The Confundrum Escape rooms’ experience is as immersive as the descriptions they provide on their website, and they last for 60 minutes.


The Confundrum Escape Rooms have five packages with different pricing depending on the features you need. We’ve included all of them along with the one exclusively for the virtual escape room so that you can make a comparison among the various packages.

That said, they also provide separate deals for group bookings including corporate, schools, and teams, so we suggest checking out their website and analyzing their offers and prices further.

  • Silver Package - $56;

  • Gold Package - $78;

  • Platinum Package - $92;

  • Diamond Package - $99;

Virtual Package - $45 (if you’re reading this article about online escape rooms, this is the package you probably need).

26) Escape the Crate

Website: www.escape-the-crate.com

“Find the clues,

Crack the codes,

Unravel the riddles,

Solve the mysteries,

Escape the Crate.”

This is probably the first you’ll come across when you visit Escape the Crate’s website - five lines that perfectly sum up the Escape the Crate experience. Describing the escaping as “missions”, Escape the Crate truly provides players with an authentic adventure, versatile themes, and amazing storylines.

Here are some of the game options you may choose to play:

  • Current Mission: Escape: The Gold Rush Robbery

  • Future Mission: Escape: Secret Agent

  • Escape: The Roswell Incident

  • Escape The Ruins

  • Escape From Camelot

  • Escape: Murders in The Speakeasy

  • Escape From Ice Age Park

  • Escape On The High Seas

  • Escape The Ripper

  • Escape The Moon

  • Escape: The Games Of Olympus

  • Escape The Circus Heist

  • Escape The Mardi Gras Murders

  • Escape Alcatraz

  • Free Sample Puzzles - Mothman

  • Escape The Mothman

  • Escape: Quest For The Lost City

  • Escape The World’s Fair Killer

  • Escape: Rock N Roll Spy

  • Escape: Murder in The Forgotten Tomb

  • Escape The Titanic

  • Escape The Silver Screen

  • Escape: Outlaw

  • Escape: Inferno

  • Escape The Queen’s Curse

  • Escape: The Heist of Bonnie and Clyde

  • Escape: Extinction

  • Escape: The Lost Colony

  • Escape: The Trials of Houdini

  • Escape The Colosseum

  • Escape The Queen Anne’s Revenge

  • Escape The Confederate Spymistress

  • Online Only Mini-Escape: The Midnight Express


There are four free trials game for those who wish to test the waters:

  • Escape: Christmas Past

  • Escape The Mothman

  • Escape: Safe-Cracker

  • Escape The Midnight Express

Otherwise, most of the games cost $39.99. Of course, it’s always useful to check for ongoing discounts, package deals, and subscription fees. In general, we advise visiting Escape the Crate’s website to find out more about the various pricing options.

27) The Panic Room

Website: www.thepanicroom.net

Wish to solve a murder?

Keen to go on a memorable adventure?

Want to be part of the CSI team?

Interested in learning more about the murder at the manor?

Once you choose some of The Panic Room’s games, you’ll definitely be able to do all of the above and so much more! With such versatile games, The Panic Room welcomes players from all kinds of backgrounds by offering games which deal with a wide range of themes.

All you need to do is sort out your team, pick a game, and connect via Zoom (or any other online communication platform such as Skype, Facetime, or Microsoft Teams). Most of these games are for up to six players (the CSI games can accommodate up to eight players though).

We suggest using the filters on the website (which include Age, Brand, Game Type, and Players) to pick a game that best suits you and your team’s wishes. Once you pick a game and purchase it, you’ll get a confirmation email with a downloadable link and a PDF file. This file has all the necessary game instructions.

Once you start playing and you notice you and your team get stuck (can’t seem to understand a clue), you can consult your PDF file and find some answers at the bottom of the page.

Good luck with taking your pick (as you’ll see in our Pricing section, there are so many of them).


  • Printable Gift Online Escape Rooms: £10.00 - £25.00

  • Sherlock Holmes 'A Not So Merry Christmas' Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Enchanted Forest - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Murder At The Manor - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • The Haunted Hotel - Online Escape Game: £9.99

  • THE ALP - Online Escape Room: £14.99

  • Who Shot The Sheriff? - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • The Sword Of Drakul - Online Escape Room: £14.99

  • Pirate Plunder - Virtual Online Escape Game: £25.00

  • CSI: Stranglehold - Online Escape Room Experience: £20.00

  • DETENTION - Online Escape Room: £14.99

  • Family Secrets - Online Escape Room Adventure: £12.00

  • HEXCORP - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Mansion Impossible - Family Online Escape Room: £10.00

  • The Overseer - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Rogue Agent - Online Escape Game: £20.00

  • Alchemystery - Family Online Escape Room: £10.00

  • The Mythmatician - Family Online Escape Room: £10.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Dwarven Mines - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Forgotten City - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Hidden Village - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Secrets Of The Ocean - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Clue Kingdom: The Spire - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • The Silk Road: The Heist Volume 2 - The Escape Game: £10.00

  • Rogue Scientist 1990 - The Escape Game: £10.00

  • Stony Island - Email Escape Game: £7.00

  • CSI: Christmas Scene Investigation - Online Escape Experience: £15.00

  • Sherlock Holmes - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • CSI: Grounded - Online Escape Room Experience: £20.00

  • CSI: Mafia Murders - Online Escape Room Experience: £20.00

  • The Sinister Soirée - Online Escape Room Experience: £15.00

  • Sector X - The B.R.U.C.E. Project - Online Escape Room: £18.00

  • Dr. Van Hollywood's Marvelous Movie Maze: £19.99

  • ArctIQ - The Archangel Files: £10.00

  • MARVO ARCHIVES - Online Escape Room Adventure: £15.00 - £25.00

  • CSI: Deadline - Online Escape Room Experience: £20.00 - £25.00

  • Mainstage Mayhem - Family Online Escape Room: £10.00

  • E-SCAPE: The Agent Inbox: £7.50

  • E-SCAPE: The Agent Inbox 2 - Protecting Waterloo: £7.50

  • My Dearest Emily - Online Escape Room: £15.00

  • B.R.U.C.E. Saves Christmas - Online Escape Room Adventure: £19.99

  • Sherlock: The Grand Debut - Online Escape Game: £20.00

Finally, make sure to check The Panic Room’s website to get informed about price changes, and discounts.

28) Trapped in the Web


Trapped in the Web refers to a series of online escape rooms that you may play both in teams and on your own wherever you are in the world. Each virtual event takes between 1-3 hours to finish (depending on your team’s skills to identify clues, and their ability to solve puzzles).

Once you sign up your team and pick a game, all you need to do is hit play and then go through the different rooms while you solve puzzles that’ll bring you one step closer to “your escape”. The rooms you explore are usually text-based, however, they contain many images and videos which support the puzzles.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Trapped in the Web provides virtual events with different difficulty levels, ranging from beginner and intermediate all the way to advanced and genius.


Trapped in the Web’s pricing may look confusing at first, as there are several escape room events, which come with several pricing (especially when you select the Group Bookings option). However, it’s quite simple once you realize what each price stands for: the more passes you buy, the cheaper the event is per head. In essence, you just need to choose the price range based on the number of players.

Let’s illustrate this with the Escape Fest event.

  • Escape Fest (2-5 passes) - £8.50 per person;

  • Escape Fest (6-15 passes) - £8 per person;

  • Escape Fest (16-30 passes) - £7.50 per person;

  • Escape Fest (31-50 passes) - £7 per person;

  • Escape Fest (51-100 passes) - £6.50 per person;

  • Escape Fest (101+ passes) - £6 per person.

The same pricing options apply for the rest of their virtual escape room events, such as The Missing, Lockdown Breakout, Space Race, Cabin Fever, A Night at the Theatre, School’s Out, Out of Hours, and Christmas Party Conundrum.

29) Romeo & Juliet

Website: www.romeojuliet.heniak.com

“O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Capulet.”

This is what William Shakespeare wrote in the 16th century, and the following is how it was adjusted for online escape room purposes in the 21st century:

You want to talk to Juliet’s parents and explain that your love is honest, and that you should be together. However, they aren’t keen to accept this idea, and they ask you to demonstrate you’re truly deserving of Juliet. Do you have what it takes to convince them?

This virtual escape room requires you to resolve the eternal feud between the Capulet and the Montague families once and for all by using your logic, literature knowledge, and math-solving skills.


It’s free!

30) Virtual Escaping

Website: www.virtualescaping.com

Virtual Escaping provides enjoyable online escape experiences who can work together via the in-game video chat. This means you don’t need any additional conferencing programs to communicate with the rest of your team members, and you can play the game from within your preferred Internet browser. When one player solves a puzzle, the other teammates are notified and the same solution will pop up on their screens too.

When it comes to the actual escape games, here are your options:

  • Artifact Isle

  • Detention

  • Underground Murder

  • Expedition North Pole

The games take between 75-90 minutes to complete (depending on the escape game that’s being played). Up to 6 players can take part in a single game.


All games are $40 per game (make sure you check their website for discounts).

31) See Me Escape Rooms

Website: www.facebook.com

For all of you puzzle lovers out there, the See Me Escape Rooms will be a delight. The whole point is to solve all the puzzles in order to receive codes and finally escape. Currently, there are 2 online escape room games - Grandma’s Sam Hunt, and Holiday Hunt.

Here’s how the games work:

  • Solving every puzzle leads you and your team to a password.

  • The passwords can be a number code or a word code.

  • Every new puzzle is password-protected.

  • You can enter the code into the “password box” on every page.

  • The passwords are written in capital letters or numbers.

  • Once you enter the correct code, you’re automatically redirected to the next puzzle.

In case you enter the wrong code, you need to keep trying. Also, there are hints on the bottom of every page, and you can find all the answers under them.


It’s free!

32) Minecraft Escape Room

Website: www.docs.google.com

A very simple, straightforward, Google-form escape room, Minecraft Escape Room was developed by Laura Escamilla, a Youth Services Librarian at the Regency Park Library in New Port Richey, FL.

For those who are avid Minecraft fans, this game may seem quite simple, however, you’ll appreciate it anyway. Those who don’t seem very much informed about Minecraft may get to learn a thing or two while engaging in this escape room activity.


It’s free!

33) Wild Goose

Website: www.wearewildgoose.com

Wild Goose provides versatile online escape room team-building activities. No matter where your company is located in the world, all you have to do is download the Mobile Adventures app on your phone, scan the QR code they give you, and you’re ready to start!

Wild Goose recommends using Zoom as a conferencing platform, although you’re free to choose another one.

Each game is full of puzzles, clues, and augmented reality - all the challenges you and your team face are there to test your decision-making skills. The games approximately last around 90 minutes, and Wild Goose recommends 4-6 players per team for each online escape experience.

You and your team can choose the Art Heist Escape Room or the Arctic Survival Escape Room.

All games have a focus on intense social interaction. In other words, the games stimulate interaction, debates, and in-depth communication among players. If you decide to use the breakout rooms feature, you can even split your team into smaller groups so that participants can collaborate in even smaller groups.

Also, Wild Goose devised a technology that helps players pick a “Player” or a “Captain”, which later on helps them come up with a team strategy. Once the game is loaded, each player is ready to play their role, and have lots of fun.


There are two pricing options:

  • Self Managed (meaning you will manage and host the event on your own without any event manager) - prices start at £12 (excl. VAT), and increase as the number of participants increases;

  • Remote Managed (which means that a virtual manager will host your event) - prices start at £262 (excl. VAT), and increase as the number of participants increases.

34) Luco Online Escape Rooms

Website: www.lucogames.com

The Luco Online Escape Rooms are pretty unique in several ways. First of all, they’re hosted by professional actors. This means that their team of game masters are professionally trained actors, unlike other game masters who usually have “regular” employees, so you can expect some unusual characters and epic voices while playing the game.

Next, players get to choose their adventure - you get unlimited questions and hints, and you and your team get to determine the level of challenge you’re ready to face. However, irrespective of what you choose, you have only 60 minutes to escape.

Then, it’s worth knowing that the Luco Online Escape Rooms are specifically designed for online play. Their designers have prepared unique illustrations to provide an immersive digital experience for all players.

Players can pick any of the following three games:

  • Basements & Barbarians (challenge level: Difficult);

  • Hansel & Gretel (challenge level: Difficult);

  • Monster Hunters Academy (challenge level: Medium).

A team may consist of between 2-8 players, and once you book the game, wait for a Zoom link invitation. The game master will explain all the rules, and ways to find the clues and puzzles.

After you’re all set, you’re free to start playing!


The online escape games cost $20 per person. Also, use the code PUMPKINSPICE20 to get a 20% discount. Make sure the discount still applies at the time you read this article though.

35) 60Out

Website: www.60out.com

Several themes.

Challenging scenarios and stories which will test your thinking skills to the maximum.

Groups of any size.

And a few difficulty levels based on how far you and your team are willing to go.

This is what 60Out offers.

Most of their events last for 60 minutes (hence the name), although they have separate 75-minute long escape room experiences. The longer ones have more puzzles and confusing details you and your team need to unravel.

Also, 60Out provides physical escape room events too, and they actually have a lot more information about those rather than their virtual events. So, we suggest contacting 60Out to get more detailed information regarding their online escape rooms.


Check the vendor’s website for further details.

36) Escape Experience

Website: www.escapeexperience.com

The Escape Experience online escape rooms are said to function in the following manner: the team players are connected with a remote avatar who is locked in a physical escape room.

Players are typically connected via a communication app such as Zoom, and they work together by discussing clues, solving issues, and simply having fun! Apart from using Zoom, you have an interactive game dashboard for communication at your disposal. Here are some of the games you and your team can choose from:

  • Vaccine: Search for the Cure, with the tagline: “SAVE YOURSELF, ALONG WITH THE REST OF HUMANITY.”

  • The Bunker, with the tagline: “STOP THE LAUNCH. PREVENT GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR.”

  • Runaway Train, with the tagline: “TRAPPED INSIDE, THIS TRAIN WON’T STOP.”

  • C-Block Prison Break, with the tagline: “FALSELY ACCUSED, REDEMPTION AWAITS.”

  • The Inheritance Room, with the tagline: “CLAIM WHAT IS YOURS, BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES.”

Different games require different skills. For instance, playing C-Block Prison Break places emphasis on teamwork above all, and then there’s stealth and elusiveness, street smarts, and finally math skills. Then, Vaccine: Search for the Cure, highlights teamwork, followed by pattern recognition bicycle riding and balance, and math skills. Most games usually last for an hour.

On the whole, regardless of which game you end up choosing, you and your team will definitely have a memorable team-building experience!


Prices start from $75 (it’s $25 per person + $50 for the virtual escape experience).

37) Paruzal Games

Website: www.paruzal.com

If you and your team are used to online escape rooms which deal with topics such as horror, mystery, heists, or detective work - you’re in for a surprise with the Paruzal Games.

Namely, these games revolve around themes such as tee parties, movie mayhems, and pizzas. Quite unusual we dare say, but that’s what makes these Paruzal Games stand out.

Their playful and humorous approach, along with being suitable for each level, are a great way to engage your team. Booking a session is a piece of cake, and the game can be played via Zoom. Each game lasts approximately 60 minutes.

What’s also quite remarkable is that Paruzal Games provides a custom game creation service. So, if you and your team have a particular interest or a topic you’re passionate about, Perusal Games can design it exclusively for you.


All games are $15 per person, except for The Annual Picnic and The Eagle Has Landed, which are $10 per person.

38) Clue Quest

Website: www.cluequest.co.uk

Known for its “new way to escape based on [the] Print+Cut+Escape game”, Clue Quest provides users with escape games at various difficulty levels. Many are first confused upon seeing this “Print, Cut, and Escape approach”, as they’ve probably been used to playing such games in a different format.

But this is far from anything complex. In fact, all you and your team need to do is print the materials for the game you wish to play, cut the puzzles, and you’re ready to play. Clue Quest advises players to have a printer, 30 pages of A4 paper, a stable Internet connection, as well as a pair of scissors to solve the puzzle successfully.

And if you don’t have a printer, for instance, they can assemble the puzzle and send it over to you in a premium package (please note that this only applies to UK-based players).

You also get live game hosts which help you with your escape process.

On the whole, Clue Quest takes pride in the escape room events it organizes - especially those for corporate organizations, as they assist teams in celebrating milestones and improving employee engagement.


Most prices start from £15, so we recommend checking out the vendor’s website for further details or contacting them directly.

39) Escape Manor

Website: www.escapemanor.com

The Escape Manor provides sophisticated virtual games with a real-world feel. As they explain, “you won’t know where fiction ends and reality begins”.

The games are suitable for large groups and corporate events as well. You may run the event yourself, or make use of their so-called facilitated experience in order to get amazing team-building results. The games can accommodate four to four thousand players.

There are three games you may choose from:

  • Society of Themis;

  • Taken The Swiss Account;

  • Taken II Finding Caesar.


The three games cost CAD 39.99 + tax.

And if you wish to have a private corporate digital experience, you may choose from the following three formats:

  • Self-driven: CAD 14.99 per player;

  • Fully facilitated: CAD 14.99 per player + CAD 300 (additional facilitator costs for teams larger than 40 people);

  • Fully facilitated + workshop: starting at CAD 1500.

40) District Theatre

Website: www.districttheatres.com

Known for its witty, hilarious, and interactive mystery Murder on the 28th Floor, District Theatre has been classified as a “place” that offers quite an immersive experience.

Their approach is very simple: you can watch the mystery from the comfort of your home, in your office, or anywhere in the world. And if you wish, you may take part in it, too. In essence, you’re asked to join the adventure.

For instance, you can interrogate suspects, draw e-fit drawings, lead the detectives around the office, and of course, if you don’t want to participate, you can always just be an observer. Put simply, the whole show is structured in a way that allows viewers to participate as much or as little as they want.

Also, here’s the best part: the show can be somewhat personalized, with references and details relevant to your team, which takes the whole experience to the next level.

All in all, District Theatre is a great option for teams who wish to both actively participate, and passively observe the show (especially when you have a team where some people wish to ONLY watch, and others want to fully participate - it’s a win-win situation).


It costs £20 per person, for a minimum of 10 players.

41) E-Exit

Website: www.e-exit.ca

E-Exit is one of our best discoveries - they promote themselves as being great for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for smaller units of multinational organizations. They’re great both for colleagues from the same field, and those from different departments, too.

Even though E-Exit welcomes corporations from various different industries, they believe their games are the most suitable for individuals working in areas that require careful planning, such as logistics and control. Additionally, they claim their games are also highly useful for marketers.

When it comes to the actual virtual games, E-Exit offers the Exorcist, Conjure, and Poltergeist. Each game has its own set of challenges and can be played in teams of up to 8 players. Also, all three games can be played simultaneously, which means each team has its own room, and the “winners” are those who manage to escape the fastest.

Players have 60 minutes (or less) to escape the room. Also, although you’re playing the game from home (or perhaps at work), there’s a Games Master who receives your instructions and does as they’re told.


Prices may vary, so we suggest checking E-Exit’s website.

42) Clue HQ

Website: wwww.cluehq.co.uk

The Warp Code, Trapped on a Train, and The Hunt for the Clueminati.

These are the names of the three online escape room games that Clue Quest offers. And based on the reviews you can check out on their website, we dare say they’re quite immersive. Also, they provide a 360° online escape room environment.

Clue Quest explains that in each online escape room there’s a help tab for each puzzle (for when things get tough). Alternatively, you can also send them an email, however, that will likely take much longer.

You can use your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or PC to play. Once an investigator (that’s a team player) unlocks an item, the item becomes visible for everyone. Each game includes a series of puzzles that unlock one by one. You may receive emails, find images or videos - they’re all there to help you finish the game successfully. Also, if you’ve unlocked several puzzles, you may all work together on the same puzzle, or you may split up into smaller teams and handle each puzzle separately.

Finally, Clue Quest also hosts many corporate groups, so if you’re interested in offers for larger organizations, we suggest contacting them directly.


The games cost £15 per team of up to 6 players.

43) Beat the Lock

Website: www.beatthelock.com

Beat the Lock escape rooms are not only popular among small companies - they’re famous among top Silicon Valley companies, too. They claim these online escape room events boost their teams’ spirit and make everyone feel energized.

Plus, they’re suitable for various group sizes (you may opt for a room with 8 players, or an event with more than 100 players). There are also many customized options to meet the needs of specific organizations.

The players usually join a Zoom audio/video call, and there’s a game master who interacts with the group all the time. They play videos and show images of what you have discovered to help you in the process.

Beat the Lock rates the difficulty of its games based on the rate of escaping. For instance, the Spy Room game has a 40% rate of escaping, Secrets in the Attic has a 35% rate, and Xternal Forces 35%.


To find the exact price you ought to pay for a particular game, you need to enter your group size (the system will show you a maximum ticket purchase requirement for your chosen group size), and then select the duration you’d prefer. Once you select a date using the calendar which appears in the app, as well as enter the exact number of players, the pricing will appear.

44) Virtual Escape Room – CIA Taskforce

Website: www.team-building-experiences.co.uk

The CIA Taskforce Online Escape Room is probably the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a CIA agent - and we mean it!

The virtual escape room’s storyline confirms this: you were assigned a mission to find the most dangerous assassin known as “The Gamer”. He has never failed any of his assignments, and nothing/no one will stop him from executing them. You find yourself in the online escape room along with the rest of your CIA team. You need to understand why you’re there, find a way to get out, and you need to do all this before you run out of time.

Throughout the game, there’s a live Games Master to assist you and the other players. There’s one Games Master per two or three teams. You’re expected to look for clues, solve puzzles, and look around the room. The virtual room provides players with a real 3D view escape room, and you’re advised to use Zoom as a platform. Also, the event organizers provide players with full pre-event support and detailed planning.

You have up to 80 minutes to escape the room. The minimum group size is 5, whereas the maximum number of players is 450.


The Cia Taskforce Online is £19 per person (the price is based on a minimum group size of six participants).

45) Catch 22

Website: www.catch22rooms.com

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, catch-22 is defined as “a difficult situation for which there is no easy or possible solution”. And knowing what escape rooms are for, we can only conclude that Catch 22 is a suitable name for such an event.

This Glasgow-based escape room provides various online games with different difficulty levels - both first-timers and more experienced team players are welcome!

There are three online games: The Citadel, The Night Before Christmas, and Wonderland.


Prices per player:

  • Team of two – £22 per person

  • Team of three – £20 per person

  • Team of four – £18 per person

  • Team of five – £16 per person

  • Team of six – £15 per person

  • Team of seven – £15 per person

Prices per team:

  • Team of two – £44

  • Team of three – £60

  • Team of four – £72

  • Team of five – £80

  • Team of six – £90

  • Team of seven - £105

46) Mystery Escape Room

Website: www.mysteryescaperoom.com

Everyone loves a good mystery. Especially once they manage to solve it, and that’s precisely what the Mystery Escape Room is inviting you to do.

Mystery Escape Room offers a series of various detective themes, and once you see the actual titles, we can assure you that neither you nor your team will be able to resist playing them.

Now, how are these events structured?

You and your team get a link that hosts the virtual escape room world, and you’re given 60 minutes to complete the online escape room (note: you’re advised to plan 90 minutes for the whole event). Once all team members enter, you can start solving the mystery by collaborating and exploring the virtual room. Moreover, each virtual event includes an escape room guide who’s available all throughout the session via the conference call.


  • The escape room events aren’t priced per person - they’re priced per event.

  • Remember The Ghosts of Christmas - $80 per event (applies to 4-8 people taking part in the event);

  • The Official Nancy Drew Online Escape Room - $90 per event (applies to 4-8 people taking part in the event);

  • Return to Treasure Island - $80 per event (applies to 4-8 people taking part in the event);

  • The Superhero Escape Adventure - $80 per event (applies to 4-8 people taking part in the event);

  • Moriarty's Parlor - $80 per event (applies to 4-8 people taking part in the event);

Finally, based on the prices we’ve shared, you can probably see that each virtual event provides spots for 4 to 8 people per online escape room. In case you have a larger team that will fill 4 or more virtual escape rooms, you ought to email the team at Mystery Escape Room so that they can accommodate your needs.

47) Elgin Escape

Website: www.elginescape.com

Elgin Escape are online escape rooms which take pride in their outstanding customer service - their website suggests that they respond to 91% of all the inquiries in less than an hour. But there’s so much more to Elgin Escape than their customer service.

Players get to choose from three virtual games: Murder Mansion (beginner level), Paper Asylum (medium), and Santa’s Last Parcel (to be confirmed). All games can be played on a wide range of devices, including laptops, computers, tablets, or smartphones.

When it comes to the games’ features, Murder Mansion has screen synchronization and a clue system, whereas Paper Asylum and Santa’s Last Parcel also provide players with a timer and a leaderboard. Also, the games support various communication tools including Skype, Facetime, and Zoom.

Not all games last the same time - for instance, if you decide to play Murder Mansion you have one hour to escape, but if you and your team opt for Paper Asylum, you get one hour and thirty minutes.

All in all, as an online escape room company, Elgin tried their best to provide its customers with an amazing “escaping” experience.


The games cost £9.99 per team (up to 6 players).

48) Dr. Who Escape Room

Website: www.docs.google.com

Created by the Tehachapi Branch Library, Dr. Who Escape Room is a must-see for fans of the Dr.Who series. This online escape room challenges players in a way that they’re required to put their critical thinking skills into practice and analyze a set of logic puzzles.

This virtual room also includes lengthy narrative passages (compared to most online escape rooms that usually contain more virtual stuff), which means that it’s a great option for teams who have no problem reading a great story.

This online escape room resembles the Hogwarts Digital Escape Room as well as the Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room, as it’s a room also created using Google forms.


It’s free!

49) The Minotaur’s Labyrinth Escape Room

Website: www.docs.google.com

If you’re into Greek mythology, you probably heard the story about the Minotaur. And if you haven’t, you can learn all about it, as one of the challenges that come with this online escape room is learning about ancient myths while solving numerous riddles and deciphering codes.

This online escape room was created by a teen librarian at The County Library’s Riverton Branch - Karen Liu.


It’s free!

50) Hogwarts Digital Escape Room

Website: www.thehogwartsescape.com

If you and your team members are Harry Potter fans, you simply can’t miss this online escape room. This online escape room experience was created by Sydney Krawiec, part of the Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Library in McMurray, PA.

The context of the game is the following: you’ve just started school at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, were sorted into the house you’ve wished to be at, and finished your dinner with your classmates. You’re heading back to the common room, and the house prefect says that there’s a fun team-building activity waiting for all of you. Namely, it revolves around a recent muggle trend - people lock themselves in their rooms and have to answer some puzzles in order to get out. However, there’s a catch - no magic is allowed!

The Hogwarts Digital Escape Room recreates the first year at Hogwarts, by including a lot of references related to the original story. It provides players with witty challenges and logical puzzles, and it’s pretty easy to complete as well.

That said, this online escape room is not as vivid and as mesmerizing as most out there. It’s created using Google forms, so it’s not as visually captivating or extremely complex as the other ones on the list, but it sure is fun!


It’s free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are online escape rooms good for team building?

Online escape rooms are a great team-building activity because they offer team members excitement, fun, and allow them to put all their skills into practice. What’s more, engaging in such events enables players to also work on improving the skills they already have.

This is so because all team members experience various different situations that they need to solve, as they’re asked to solve problems together, make a plan, use their organizational skills, and communicate with the rest of the team.

Moreover, online escape rooms come with a lot of challenges, so players are required to think creatively, and take into account other people’s suggestions. They have certain time limits, which further increases the pressure, so a lot of the time they’re asked to take action quickly. Put simply, this helps foster time-management skills and making decisions under pressure.

These online room experiences are great for boosting the overall team spirit and allowing people to share how they think and how they approach problem-solving processes.

Furthermore, these events motivate people to perform better, and also feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Overcoming challenges and solving problems together as a team can be some of the best feelings for anyone belonging to a group. This, later on, helps people collaborate better at work and discuss projects and other tasks they need to handle as a team. In essence, these activities promote collaboration, and also improve communication among various members of the same team.

Finally, engaging in such activities is a great way to make new memories with your team members, and see how they function when they’re not collaborating on their work obligations.

  • How should team members prepare for an online escape room event?

As online escape rooms are a fun and quite spontaneous experience, they don’t require any formal preparation, like you’d do for a meeting presentation or an upcoming conference.

That said, there are some things you should keep in mind before an actual online escape room event.

First of all, you need to consider the team size. In other words, you need to ensure that the escape room activity you wish to book accommodates your team size. If certain activities limit the number of members, and you have a large team, then find another one. In any case, almost every escape room event has specific information and the exact number of players it allows, so make sure you always double-check such information to avoid any unpleasant situations.

Next, let your team members know whether there’s a live guide or not. While some online escape room events provide one, others rely solely on an automated system that gives certain clues. Still, having an actual live guide makes the whole experience more adventurous and lively rather than the players simply relying on an automated system. Also, a guide is preferred because you can ask for some clues and questions when you get really stuck and you feel like this isn’t going anywhere. What’s more, a live guide is able to motivate and encourage people when they feel lost. It can compliment them on their victories, too.

You can also consult others to see whether they have some extra suggestions when it comes to preparing for an online escape room event, or the “event organizer”, that is, the person responsible for planning this event (if it’s someone other than you).

Last but not least, make sure everyone on the team is comfortable with the chosen activity. For instance, let’s say you opt for the Confundrum Escape Rooms, and you pick the “New Haven Orphanage Disappearances” case. However, there’s a member in your team who grew up in an orphanage, and that’s a sensitive topic for them. In this case, it’d probably be adequate to pick another activity instead.

Final Words

All in all, online escape rooms are fun, engaging, and a creative way for your team to spend some time together, as well as get to know each other better. All teams need to find a joyful way to connect - one that allows them to forget about their work responsibilities, and simply enjoy the moment.

Online escape rooms are definitely one method to achieve that.

On the whole, we recommend exploring different online escape room experiences and seeing how your team resonates with different contexts, topics, and tasks.

Let us know which one you’re trying out first, and don’t forget to have fun!